A New Age Of Bullying Essay

A New Age Of Bullying Essay

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A New Age of Bullying
The modern age of bullying is the prime source of depression, in some cases suicide. The types of bullying that are mainly reported today are cyber bullying and physical bullying. There are many ways of avoiding bullying, such as deactivating social media accounts and staying away from situations that make the victim vulnerable. Professors have sought out ways to help others stand up, or avoid the obstacles that lie ahead of them in the future.
Cyberbullying, also known as social media bullying or text bullying the most common form of bullying today. Social media bullying consists of people insulting or making fun of each other online. This form of bullying is especially dangerous, because nobody can see the harm that is being caused over the internet. “They say whatever they want when the victims can 't defend themselves”(What is Cyberbullying). An example of this is the victim could do something to harm himself or others. Victims from cyberbullying can not express their feelings effectively while their constantly being hurt by the bully and the people who follow him. “Face to face bullying has been around for many years and it consists of people making fun of someone in front of friends or even physically hurting them”(“McGruff”). The victim 's friends would try to avoid the victim so they don 't get bullied as well. This hurts the victim tremendously either physically or mentally, for they have no one to rely on to help them in times of need. “Bullies have always had a tendency to bully trying to make themselves feel better about himself or herself” (“McGruff”). Bullying has affected victims to the point of avoiding everyone and every activity concerning people. The individual being bullied might not try...

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...problems. If nobody knows what is happening there is no way of fixing the problem. “The majority of kids who get bullied are the ones who are worried most about being bullied. It triggers an easy attack on the victim from the bullies” (“11 Components of a Secure School Front Entrance.”). The best way to go about this problem is try to be friendly to everyone, don 't be scared, or worried about it. People will not even think to bully a guy who seems like he 's set straight.
Bullying is sadly a worldwide problem, and in some cases can be avoided or extinguished at all. No matter the problem trying to stay away from the main situations bullies thrive is clearly the best choice for any individual. The victims can control how the bullies work, because if the victims don 't show the bully any reaction it will sooner or later make him give up and he will be through with it.

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