Essay about A Negotiation Process : A Cooperative Approach

Essay about A Negotiation Process : A Cooperative Approach

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Once individuals or parties enter into a negotiation process to resolve conflict, they will bring a clear position on the table in their efforts to settle the conflict. The two basic situation’s people follow when entering into negotiations are cooperative or competitive. A cooperative approach supports the process of interest-based or integrative bargaining, this interested groups to pursue a win-win results. The disputants who work cooperatively to negotiate a solution is more likely to develop a union of trust, and can come up with equally respected options of settlement. The mutual gains approach is considered a practical resolution process.
The options of a negotiated settlement are limited in some cases to set amount of rewards that must be divided one way or the other. Such situations leave no alternative to mutual gains and therefore parties must use competitive negotiation tactics to follow their goals. Competitive approaches manage with the practice of distributive bargaining, can result in a win or lose situation. A competitive approach to conflict tends to increase hostility and distrust between parties and is generally considered destructive.
The Negotiator’s Dilemma involves conveying what lies beneath the tension between whether parties feel they need to cooperate or compete in order to reach their goals. The one thing that is important to remember is conveying the right agreement that includes mutual and conflicting goals. Therefore, both cooperative and competitive are necessary to some extent in order to reach their decision. In other words, negotiators must learn, in part, from each other, what is acceptable and proper, to do so requires some scale of team work. At the same time, they seek to adv...

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...d by the chance of the other side successfully reaching its goal. Negatively interdependent goals force competitive situations because the only way for one side to reach its goals is for the other side not to reach their goal.
The approach or conflict methods that the negotiator chooses to take when entering negotiations may be based on knowing the conditions, such as selecting the way that will most likely lead to reaching their goals. However, the atmosphere of the people involved may also play an important role in which conflict issues are brought to the negotiating table. Thus, it is also possible that some people may use a certain character, “because they have a behavior that is adverse to do so.” Morgan Deutsch differentiates between these two key factors of individuality: firmness in the quest of one’s own goals, and cooperate in search of mutual goals.

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