A Necessary Vision Essay

A Necessary Vision Essay

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Every successful manager today must have had dreams for his or her future. The world’s billionaires like Michael Dell of Dell Corporation; Bill Gates of Microsoft, Oprah Winfrey and a host of others had dreams for their future and I can say they are accomplished individuals. The motive behind the workshop was to enable us understand how to create a vision, its purpose and its connection to business management and was handled by Ms. Melba Nicholson. She made us understand that as future managers, we should be able to determine our terminal values and apply our instrumental values in that direction. The task of the workshop was to paste our cut pictures on a vision board to serve as reminders to us and keep us in track.
I had various images that reflected what I want from life and also, the people I admire and want to take a cue from. I had an image of a graduating student, which is what I hope to be in the next two years. There was another image showing a nice family which I also desire. Also, there was an image of money which I will need to achieve my material goals like a beautiful...

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