A Narrative Of Liberalism During The Twentieth Century Essay

A Narrative Of Liberalism During The Twentieth Century Essay

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Topic #2: How would you construct a narrative of liberalism in the twentieth century? What were its benchmark achievements and how did it change over time?
The progressive era was a time period that opened the eyes of Americans. Rapid growth and industrialization caused huge strains on the labor force and government intervention was needed. There were key moments that pushed the American people into a progressive state and key moments that spoke measures of the success they had. The progressive era was just the beginning of the movement and set the bar for the rest of the twentieth century on what was expected from the government and our presidents. Through the 20th century we have seen presidents that have come from opposite sides of the spectrum but have taken an interest in activist liberal government.
To create a narrative of progressivism it is first important to highlight the many problems wrong with American industrialism. The triangle shirtwaist factory fire of 1911 is one example of why industry needed to be regulated. The horrible fire that killed 146 women caught public attention. It opened the eyes of the public to take a deeper look into the horrible social and industrial conditions. Anotha one
Progressivism first started as a way to humanize industrial capitalism. That is, to control the rapid growth that was putting a strain on the average American. Theodore Roosevelt was considered first of the “progressive presidents”. The first benchmark achievement was in 1902, when he intervened in a national coal strike. He persuaded the owners to allow the dispute to be settled by a commission that he would appoint. By doing so he recognized the United Mine Workers Union. However, this was more than just recognizing a unio...

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...n, people began to fight to protect the environment. Under republican Richard Nixon, a series of measures to protect the environment were passed. The Clean Air and Clean Water Acts and the Endangered Species Act were passed in during the late 1960’s and early 1970s (page 1010).
The presidents of the twentieth century knew their American people. They knew that American people wanted reform and aid in battling the strains of industrial growth. A progressive movement was inevitable as the problems needed to be answered. Progressivism in the twentieth century was marked by social, economic and political achievements that made it an effective movement. The progressive era set the stage for politics of the entire twentieth century. Americans were no longer going to let large corporations freely control and exploit them. A new industrial American called for a new reform.

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