A Murder Of Innocents- Should Abortion Remain Legal? Essay

A Murder Of Innocents- Should Abortion Remain Legal? Essay

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A Murder of Innocents- Should Abortion Remain Legal?
Can you imagine how it will be if someone took away your right to live? Well, that is what abortion is. Abortion it is not having any opinion in whether or not you want to live. Babies cannot do anything about their life when their mother decides to abort them. In other words, abortion is the human act of killing a new human being; the procedure to end pregnancy. Since 1973, when abortion was legalized, many abortions have been performed each year in the United States. Abortion has become a problem in our society. Many women around the world are being part of this horrible act. They believe that it is a woman’s legal right to choose what she does with her body, especially in cases of rape, incest, or health issues threatening the life of a mother. Killing unborn fetuses using dreadful procedures is an unethical practice and should be outlawed because it is the same as the murder of an innocent child. Abortion not only hurts an unborn baby, but it also brings psychological pain to a woman. In addition, abortion increases sexual activity in adolescents, and a late abortion may lead the woman to face medical complications and even death.

Abortion has been present for thousands of years. However, some years ago, abortion in the United States was illegal. Abortions were very dangerous due to the lack of medical education, procedures, tools, and technology. As medicine and technology developed, women still had to rely on unsafety methods of abortion that usually resulted in the harm of many women. The American Medical association declared abortion as “immoral and dangerous”. Abortions remained illegal except to save the life of a woman, and only if they were performed by “physician...

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...l pain to a woman, increases sexual activity in adolescents, and a late abortion may lead a woman to face medical complications and even death.

Abortion has become a popular alternative to birth control. Even though it is a painful and traumatic procedure that kills an innocent human being, even when it is not born yet, it is performed and used by many women. There is not a reasonable reason why abortion practices should be legal. Having an abortion is an inhuman act and the act of murder as well. It also has great risks for the mother and the baby and should not be allowed. We do not have any right to kill a human being under any circumstances. There are other options for women to consider rather that abortion. For example adoption can be a great choice. A baby have just as much of a right to live as any other human being. That is why abortion should be outlawed.

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