A Multicultural Society Is Better For America 's Health Essay

A Multicultural Society Is Better For America 's Health Essay

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Americans have different views when it comes to choosing between a monocultural or multicultural society, some believe that America will become more successful if it was to be monocultural, they also argue that many would get along better, there would be less racism, no one would be prejudiced and there would be no division among the people of today if it was to be monocultural based. Others say living in a monocultural is inefficient and also very destructive to society and favor living in a multicultural environment, stating that it broadens minds and teaches how to survive with other races, it helps in teaching respect, tolerance and the way of living. Those specific traits are what show how a multicultural society is better for America’s health.
Respect comes a long way when it comes to living in a diverse society. When people live in a monocultural society, they tend to lack respect for other people’s culture and religions. That’s is also where racism and being prejudiced falls into place. Americans who only believe in their way of life, believe that their race and culture are superior to all other races. They belittle other cultures, wanting nothing to do with them and treat other cultures as if they are beneath them. One example of this is Adolf Hitler and his hate of every race more specifically the people of Jewish decent, he believed the only type of person that should exist was a true German with blonde hair and blue eyes. When different cultures respect each other’s way of living, it is easier to survive around each other and they learn to appreciate others teachings and ways of life. When people are shown that their culture and way of living is greatly appreciated, it makes them want to welcome people more an...

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...ices of female, black, Hispanic, and Asian, he also states that very much part of the Western culture and that they have made many contributions to its literary and historical traditions. For the different exposures of different cultures one has, the more advantages and the more opportunities will come on its path.
Americans wants to know what’s better for great America, a monocultural or multicultural environment. Some may choose a monocultural environment because it is easy to abide by one belief, culture or religion. But a multicultural environment is favored by most because it allows many cultures to come together as one, respect ones way of living and teach many different ways of life. The beautiful diversity of all Americans with their cultures, beliefs, religions and way of life all have a part and contribute into making America a wondrous nation.

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