A Mother's Worst Nightmare: A Personal Narrative Essay examples

A Mother's Worst Nightmare: A Personal Narrative Essay examples

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What comes to your mind when you think of a mother’s worst nightmare? Perhaps it is the inability to protect your child? A mother’s job is to simply protect her children from the dangers in the world. This protective instinct does not end when they are adults. This is the story of my worst nightmare as a mother and how I survived it.
My son Nicholas is a Staff Sergeant in the Air Force. Nick called me out of the blue and just hearing the tone of his voice, I knew that something was wrong. He asked if I was driving or if I had time to talk. I said I did and he told me to sit down because he had something important to tell me. He told me that he had just received orders that he was being deployed to Afghanistan for six months. My heart stopped. I started to shake and felt tears running down my cheeks. I kept thinking of all the young men and women who had died over there and how they had this same conversation with their parents before they left home to defend our country. He said he would not be leaving for two months, so we had time to come see him before he deployed.
My h...

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