Essay on A More Efficient Welfare State for America, not Simpler

Essay on A More Efficient Welfare State for America, not Simpler

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“I just lost my job, what should I do?” after the financial crisis in 2007, the increasing unemployment rate makes more and more people asking such questions, especially in America. People need welfare to help them pick themselves up and get back into work. The long discussed topic, welfare-policy, is now of more importance. The author of the article argues that a simpler welfare system should be applied to the American society, as the welfare state now is too complicated to measure both people and the system itself. However, a more specific welfare system with more details and programs for different population can be a system of higher efficiency for the reason that people are having diverse problems. A general criterion cannot be fitted to everyone’s case.
Simplifying the welfare system means treat different people in the same way. This makes it harder to give people exact amount of welfare they need. Some people get more than they need while others get less. In this case, we can always find a way to make some people better off while not making the others worse off, because the fi...

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