A Modest Proposal For Eliminating The Gas Station Essay

A Modest Proposal For Eliminating The Gas Station Essay

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A modest proposal for eliminating the use, drilling, and selling of crude oil, for any reason whatsoever, to prevent the destruction of all marine life and eventually human life as we know it
The automobile has become one of the most powerful machines in our world. It is an integral part of everyone’s life and has helped in accelerating the growth of commerce and industry across all nations. What people don’t realize is that the automobile contains a very dangerous weapon, a weapon that is hidden inside the fuel tank. While you are at the gas station filling up your car with gasoline, a humpback whale is beached on the Atlantic shore, laying helplessly, paralyzed from the seismic waves that oil rigs produce. At the same time a small bird, a sandpiper perhaps, is trapped in a puddle of oil from a spill, a frantic look of fear in his eyes. Nearby, thousands of fish are floating on the water, poisoned by the deathly oil.
We can all agree that this massacre is caused by one leading factor: crude oil. Environments are being destroyed all because we have to keep our automobiles fueled. If someone were to propose that we stop using such a deadly resource, they are likely to get a lot of support. The only problem is that without oil to make gasoline, there are no cars to operate. Having no use of cars in the twenty-first century would be a disaster and would halt economic progression.
My idea, although very similar to the one previously mentioned, provides a way to stop the terrors of crude oil without killing the automobile industry. Animals and their surrounding environments will be saved, and people will still function as they always have. Instead of weighing the pros and con of crude oil, people will be celebrating the pro of my idea...

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...d easily just put their effort into developing safe ways to drill for oil and better methods to prevent oil spills. Then we wouldn’t be in the predicament we are in now. But no, big oil companies just can’t possibly do that. They can’t show any weakness. To them, money is for more important than killing wildlife or polluting the air. If they would realize their mistake, the problem at hand could be solved. But alas, big oil companies don’t make mistakes.
I must admit that even though my idea is nothing short of pure genius, I have no concern for the current issue. I do not live on the coast nor do I live in a very big city; therefore, the horrors of oil spills do not affect me. Also, I don’t care about the protection of wildlife; that’s for liberals and tree-huggers to worry about. Times are tough, and all I desire is to fill up my car with fuel for a cheaper price.

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