A Modest Proposal by Jonathon Swift Essay

A Modest Proposal by Jonathon Swift Essay

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In a Modest Proposal, Jonathon Swift addresses some of the major problems occurring in Ireland. Swift’s purpose for writing this proposal is to suggest ideas to help solve Ireland’s poverty and overpopulation problems. He adopts, what seems like at first, a ridiculous set of ideas in order to counteract the ever growing problem by stimulating the readers imaginations and to open the minds of the people of England and Ireland.
The issue that the author is addressing is the ever-growing problem of poverty, starvation, sanitation, overpopulation, and enslavement of the Irish people and the fact that nobody, including the Irish themselves, are willing to do anything to fix the problem. These proposals made by Jonathan Swift, an English writer, and from the first few paragraphs it is evident that Swift has a biased opinion about the subject. He tries to address the Irish people that the main problem is themselves. It’s the Irish children that are the cause of Irelands misery and misfortune and he proposes a mix of serious suggestions as well as satirical statements, all based on the assumption that children are draining the country of all its food and resources as well as a burden to their parents and the rest of the society.
The writer is very uncaring and completely disconnected from the topic at hand. The author seems like the last person to be writing an article like this considering he is an Englishman. He shows no signs of humility or sympathy, considering that his proposal is to eat children. However, he does show some respect for other peoples opinions and this helps his likeability, but only just. His flaws seem to be the result of his form of writing in that it is very satirical and sarcastic and at some points absolutely ...

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...f starving and impoverished people then you cant be satirical and sarcastic about it and that’s where I think this whole thing falls apart. He deffinatly needs a different approach to this situation.
In conlusion, A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift is a semi-good piece of work that attempts to solve the problems that face Ireland. Throughout this article in my opinion the biggest flaw ,which ironically makes it famous, is the use of satirical writing to address the issues at hand. It unfortunaltly for me destroys his credibility and therefore prevents me from taking him seriously and therefor defeats the purpose of writing this article if no one takes it seriously in the first place. Overall, I belive that Swifts “Modest Proposal” is just an ill-faded attempt to make the very seriously situation in Ireland seem comical and therefore makes his article comical too

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