A Modern History of South Africa Essays

A Modern History of South Africa Essays

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South Africa - A country reborn and transformed due to the transition of a repressive to a democratic society. Democracy, a rule of law, where all laws and procedures apply equally to all citizens and allow the active participation of the civilians in politics and civil rights thus ensuring the protection of all essential human rights - due to the history of this nation they were previously abused. Themes discussed in the extracts that are to follow exhaust the torments that victimized victims and families under the past Apartheid regime. These topics will emphatically manifest the themes of politics and democracy and give reason to the rising of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of 1995.
With the elections of 1994 and the rise of a black president, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela,
South Africa was a free nation and each and every man no longer lived in fear for the lives of their loved ones and their own, however there was a lack of harmony and reconciliation between families especially between families that were still grieving from loss that was due to the violence that Apartheid bled into the streets. There were many amongst others that carried the burden of death on their backs and aching for forgiveness.
Nelson Mandela saw the TRC as an important milestone when leading the nation towards a path of freedom - the road to democracy. He wanted to unite and shape the nation, but in order to move forward with everyone having a clear conscience and mindset the first step needed to be revaluated. Firstly there was a desire and need to deal with all apartheid related crimes of 1995. Numerous articles continue to praise and define the TRC. It is acknowledged however that the TRC was based on the promotion of National Unity and reco...

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...cratic foundations will have a weak base (including democratic institutions)for the new laws that will govern.

Conclusion - In an open and exposed manner the TRC showed that the purpose and function of this committee made progress through the healing process and reconciliation from forgiveness and the expense that came from this too was the amount of reparations owed to the declared victims. The government needing to fulfil obligations to compensate for the many lives of the victims thus meeting his responsibility.

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