A Model Of Christian Charity's Irrelevence Essays

A Model Of Christian Charity's Irrelevence Essays

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Times have changed since the Puritans came to America in 1630. Our culture’s values have changed from strict, religious morality to uninhibited and loose. Religion is no longer a major part of most of our lives. John Winthrop, the leader of the Separatists who left England for the New World in 1630, was the governor and religious model of the colony. His sermon A Model of Christian Charity was designed for a community of 700 Puritan ideologists. The sermon emphasizes God’s total power. People in modern times have realized that God doesn’t punish them for keeping their surplus or making a profit. People no longer fear God’s wrath the way they did 400 years ago. A Model of Christian Charity has become irrelevant in a modern, materialistic world.
Winthrop believes that God has made people rich and poor on purpose. God made some members of the community rich and some poor so that the two groups would give to each other, instead of relying on holy miracles. He states, “…counting himself more honored in dispensing his gifts to man by man, than if he did it by his own immediate hands.” Winthrop is very religious, so he never doubts God’s omnipotence. In his mind, God is giving the Puritans the chance to prove themselves. Also, God is looking for a chance to smite the bad. By creating a class difference, he is given the opportunity to prove his power to those who disobey his law. Winthrop says, “…that He might have the more occasion to manifest the work of his Spirit: first upon the wicked in moderating and restraining them, so that the rich and mighty should not eat up the poor, nor the poor and despised rise up against and shake off their yoke.” The Separatists’ economic structure is fixed to create interdependence; members of a certa...

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... inspire citizens. The basic principles of the speech have even filtered down to sports. A big inspiration for athletes is to prove the people who are doubting you wrong. You have to set a standard for future generations. The “city on a hill” metaphor relates an individual’s success to the potential of a world. During the Olympics, several billion people are watching ten athletes compete. Those althetes are put on a pedestal-metaphorically and literally. In the figurative sense, those people need to face the pressure and desires forced upon them by an entire world of people. Additionally, individuals are forced to try their best at everything they do. With modern technology and increased standards, it seems that someone is always watching. A common feeling is that people are constantly waiting for an individual to make a mistake, so hard work is constantly needed.

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