A Model For System Wide Implementation And Sustainability Of Evidence Based Practice

A Model For System Wide Implementation And Sustainability Of Evidence Based Practice

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The ARCC is a model for system-wide implementation and sustainability of evidence-based practice. This model aims to provide health-care institutions with an organized framework to guide the system to achieve quality outcomes by facilitating nurses to implement evidence based practices (EBP) effectively (Neville, Lake, LeMunyon, Paul, & Whitmore, 2012). It 's strategies do not only support individual change but organization change and are best fit for large organizations like hospitals (Melnyk & Fineout-Overholt, 2015). It 's purpose works perfectly for the PICOT question, which is targeted towards a system-wide health institution: inpatient hospitals. The ARCC also addresses the barriers that exist in such health-care organizations that can hinder health-care professionals from implementing evidence based practices which is a major issue that is apparent when researching nursing hourly rounds. ARCC notes lack of support of and/or belief in EBP and nurse leader/manager resistance as examples of barriers. According to Neville et al (2012) although nurses acknowledge nursing rounds as a valuable intervention, most found it to be less beneficial to their professional practice, noting issues with documenting, patient ratios, and skill mix as reasons for resistance and lack of belief in the intervention. Therefore, nurses were less likely to push for this EBP in their practice. With the ARCC model, mentors would be provided to remove such barriers that may hinder the success of interventions such as hourly rounds, and therefore improve nurse utilization of the EBP, patient outcomes and satisfaction. ARCC uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to change the health professional 's beliefs about the value of a EBP and their ability to i...

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...al acquired injury, etc, as a result of not doing hourly rounding.
Increasing patient satisfaction are important goals for health institutions. Available evidence indicates hourly rounds are effective for nursing practice. The implication of these findings for nurses is the improvement in patient satisfaction through improved patient’s perception of staff communication, and staff responsiveness. In order to enhance patient satisfaction, all members of the health-care team must work together to successfully implement the intervention on their unit efficiently. Although, stronger evidenced studies are needed to to improve the quality of the evidence, the evidence available concludes that there is likely no evidence that can refute the effectiveness of hourly rounding. It proves as a cost-effective intervention that males a huge impact on patient outcomes.

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