A Model Democracy : A Democracy Country Essay

A Model Democracy : A Democracy Country Essay

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A Model Democracy
A democracy country is drawn up on the basis of the sovereignty of citizens. There are a lot of democracy countries in the world like Australia, Japan, Canada, Span, Sweden, United States, etc. The United States is a modern country through five reasons: free, frequent, and inclusive elections; offer a meaningful choice among political alternatives; system promotes political equality and inclusion of political minorities; citizens enjoy a wide range of individual freedom and personal expression, and government institutions and processes relatively transparent.
The United States has freed, frequent, and inclusive elections. Presidential elections are scheduled to be carried out every four years. Every the age of 18 or older than 18 years old citizens can vote. US presidential election is to be applied the indirect election system. First, voters elected state-by-state electors while the state capital is being carried on by the state electoral vote, Vice President. The introduction of direct election system is carried out in Councilors election. Representatives directly elected by the states; senators initially by the state parliamentary elections, the first 17 amendments to the Constitution came into force in 1913 stipulates that senators are directly elected by the states. Governors, legislators and judges in some states, an important administrative officials elected by the voters. Arranged by the two parties at all levels is a base on the general election. In order to ensure the dominance of the two parties, the universal implementation of the single constituency system name and majority representation.
The United States offered a meaningful choice among political alternatives. Party is essentially in particula...

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...ople are the right judgment. Aryan race in a Jewish, Catholic minority persecution of heretics, these are the majority tyranny, so only democracy is far from enough. Under constitutionalism refers to a constitutional politics legalization idea or ideal state. It requires that the government all the exercise of power had been incorporated into the orbit of the constitution and the restriction of the constitution. The implementation of the constitutional, government is to limit the government 's first power, at the same time to guarantee citizens ' rights, and of the citizen 's obligation. Constitutionalism is the foundation of democracy and the safeguard, also checks and balances on the egalitarian politics. The root of the constitutional role is to guard against the government, including democratic government abuse of power, safeguard citizens freedom and rights.

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