Essay on A Mission Log

Essay on A Mission Log

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The sci-fi paper will in the form of a mission log, from the perspectives of several various crew members. The story will be about their mission, which will be set in the future, through our galaxy and some of their troubles. Some of the problems will be with solar weather, long term flight, and habitability in space. The main focus will be on the habitability of humans in space. This will include some technologies such as in situ resource utilization, space station shielding, a mass driver, and solar cells. Using these technologies, the mission will be living in space for years, potentially forever, and having to survive with the limited resources they can bring from earth.
Visiting and living in space are not new ideas, but they are not easy ideas either. The first satellite was launched in 1957, and the first human flight was in 1961. It has been over fifty years and numerous launches later, but we are still only scratching the surface of space travel. The most permanent station for humans is the International Space Station which was launched in the late 1990’s. The ISS is a space station in orbit around the earth that has six crew members at a time. This is the most permanent place to live in space, yet people do not stay on the station for too long. The future hope is to one day be able to live almost completely in space, this is will take many years and a lot of research to be fully realized.
One of the main technologies needed for space habitation would be a system for providing food, water, and other materials for the astronauts, one system is in situ resource utilization. Without water or oxygen humans would not last very long in space. There is not going to be readily drinkable water in space, meani...

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...ace. The mass driver would allow for sending things into space to be cheaper, which in order to build a space station there is going to be a lot sent into space. The solar cells would be used to power the station, there needs to be a way to constantly have power. Once all of these technologies, plus some others, are put together in a working fashion long term space station would be more possible.

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