A Metrical Composition Of William Shakespeare 's The Lord Of The Wings And Sir Thomas Wyatt 's Whoso List

A Metrical Composition Of William Shakespeare 's The Lord Of The Wings And Sir Thomas Wyatt 's Whoso List

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A metrical composition; a composition in verse written in certain measures, whether in blank verse or in rhyme, and characterized by imagination and poetic diction; contradistinguished from prose; as, the poems of Homer or of Milton. This is but one of Webster 's definitions of a poem. Using this definition of “poem,” this paper will compare and contrast three different poems written by three different poets; William Shakespeare 's Sonnets 116, George Herbert’s Easter Wings and Sir Thomas Wyatt’s Whoso List to Hunt.
In the poem by William Shakespeare Sonnet 116, Shakespeare writes about marriage and two people deeply connected in mind and spirit. In Sonnet 116, Shakespeare writes about commitment within marriage by saying “Which alters when it alteration finds, or bends with the remover to remove” (Sonnet 481). In the passage, Shakespeare refers to one commitment above all by using the word “bend” to instruct one to not bend or give up for any reason while married. This instruction of endurance is to last no matter how difficult the marriage is and hard the times get; the couple must face them together and stand as one. Sonnet 116 declares that no man or woman shall come between the marriage, and the two united people shall never remove themselves from it.
This entire poem is about commitment within marriage. It speaks about not allowing anything to break the marital bond not even old age or sickness. The united couple must stand together and not allow their hearts to wander. In the beginning of the poem, the first question asked of the bride and groom is if there are any admitted impediment that would hinder or corrupt this union. Shakespeare even allows the reader to understand that he truly believes the words that he writes by...

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My favorite of these poets is Sir Thomas Wyatt, I could just imagine in the poem Whoso List to Hunt. Sitting around with a group of my friends discussing the beautiful woman that is in a marriage or that has a boyfriend. Telling them, I know where she lives, but I have long given up any chance of having her for myself, But I 'm willing to tell them where she is, because I know do not they have a chance with her at all, because I know that she 's already taken, but letting them watch them try and fail would be fun. I believe that both men and women can relate to this poem, especially if you have friends that you gather with as a group. You always seem to talk about the one or one’s that got away and where she is now, where is he now a thing men and women always pursue the thing that they cannot have and always intrigued by the fact that it belongs to someone else.

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