A Message Of Garcia By David Garcia Essay

A Message Of Garcia By David Garcia Essay

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“A Message to Garcia” is a profound message to aspiring leaders and words to live by in general. While the message is simple and straight forward it is not something that is easily exercised or a trait that is easily implemented into daily life. Initiative, work ethic and strong moral character are principles that are greatly promoted in this writing as well as the armed forces and the Citadel.
“A Message to Garcia” is quite straight forward, If you work for a man or a business that provides you with the means to income, food for yourself and your family then you owe it to him to work as hard as you can for him and earn the wage that he is providing for you. One should never speak ill of their employer, it is a privilege to have paying work so you should never speak ill of someone giving you that opportunity. Speaking ill of an institution that you are a part of does not only represent the institutions poorly but it speaks poorly of you as you yourself are a part of the institution and can arguably be seen as part of the problem.
The Next entry is a section of Initiative, Initiative is a priceless trait to have not only for members of the armed forces but members of the civilian sector as well. There are countless opportunities out there in the world but non of them will come to you, you have to have the drive to seek it out. It the Garcia Initiative is defined as the separation of four classes of people. The first class is those who do the right thing without having to be told to these people will be the first to take hold of opportunities and thrive monetarily and hold the highest of honors. Secondly there are those who do the right thing but need to be told once, these are the ones who will achieve high honors but will strugg...

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...ask questions and ask how you can improve in the job that you have. If you see a private in the motor-pool servicing a vehicle and you have time, ask if you can help or ask if you can watch and learn something new. Keep your head on a swivel and observe what is going on around you. You can take note of your surroundings and see what issues there are around you and learn what you can do to improve the work environment and overall climate. Not only are you working hard and earning your pay but those around you will take note, NCOs and Officers will remember you fondly for not just performing your job like a robot but looking to improve yourself and proving your initiative by going out of your way to do the things your peers aren 't bothering to acknowledge. Your lower enlistment men will also notice that you take interest in them and genuinely care about them instead of

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