A Message About Women 's Equality Essay

A Message About Women 's Equality Essay

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Simplism and poeticism are beautifully combined, creating a relatable yet symbolic book delivering a message about women’s equality. Kingsolver utilizes family, relatable characters, stories, and symbolism of the land as she attempts to make the reader think about tough issues in a humorous way. Where most would be serious about issues such as women equality and immigration, Kingsolver prevents the serious and sad tone thereby delivering her messages in a delightful way for the reader.
To achieve her goals, Kingsolver writes with a humorous tone while delivering serious themes and descriptions in order to advance the story and it’s message. Taylor is nervous about having the child with her in the car, particularly because the child appears to be catatonic, Kingsolver writes,”she doesn 't speak, stares straight ahead, and rarely moves.” However, where many receive a tone of worry for Taylor and her new burden, Kingsolver breaks the tension when Humorously, Taylor sees a sign of life when the child wets her pants. Further humor presents itself when Lou Ann thinks that her cat has a split personality because "the good cat wakes up and thinks the bad cat has just pooped on the rug." Additionally, Humor is mixed with a sense of realism when Taylor imagines Lou Ann going to a job interview saying, "Really ma 'am, I could understand why you wouldn 't want to hire a dumb old thing such as myself." Kingsolver 's abilities to relate life realistically with a sense of humor to create detailed

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images from her perceptive observations enable her to invoke feelings of empathy for her characters and instill hope for a brighter future for the difficult situation the characters exist in.
The nature of land ...

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...icult times therefore growing their ‘family.’ Lou Ann considers Taylor and Turtle family because they 'd "been through hell and high water together" and because they know "each other 's good and bad sides, stuff nobody else knows." Out of this sense of belonging and acceptance comes the notion of family, of unasked-for and freely given emotional and psychological support. Other nontraditional families include Edna and Virgie Mae, as well as Mattie and her house full of political refugees.This brings the message that strangers with a nontraditional family help each other just as a traditional family would.
Through this, Kingsolver delivers strong messages that desire action through a humorous tone with relatable characters who form a sense of family to survive. This exposes her readers to a sense of hope for the future, even if times currently seem difficult.

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