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Why is it that certain people within our society are intellectually gifted while others are not? It would seem that since we as humans are of the same species, we would have a very comparable intelligence level, and yet IQ test scores for 99 percent of the population range clear from “barely functioning” fifty-five to “Einstein” 145 (based on the Wechsler IQ test). Perhaps our perception is a little skewed. Maybe everyone is more similar intellectually than limited IQ tests can discern. Think about someone who you consider to be “under par” or even average on a scale of one to smart. They might not be a great rocket scientist, but they are a great people person, or absolutely amazing as a musician. Then think about the smartest person you know. How well can they communicate? How are they as artists? It would seem that these people may score well on IQ tests, but in other areas they are the ones that aren’t up to par. If everyone has different interests and capabilities, how can we judge their intelligence by something as narrow as an IQ test? If there is more than one way to be intelligent, is it possible to be unintelligent?
This suggestion was professionally made by a Professor of Cognition and Education at Harvard Howard Gardner, recorded in his numerous books outlining his theory of multiple intelligences, which was originally outlined in his book Frames of Mind: the Theory of Multiple Intelligences. In this work Gardner outlined seven intelligences, or areas in which someone could be intelligent: Spatial, Linguistic, Logical-Mathematical, Bodily-Kinesthetic, Musical, Interpersonal, and Intrapersonal.
“Many children, otherwise normal or close to normal, demonstrate selective difficulties in the learning of language” (Gardner...

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...s are much more interesting in color, not just the grayscale of an IQ test. See the people who are smart because they can perceive the world in a different way, not just the analytical way of those who are more logical. Go ahead, give yourself a broader definition of intelligence. Spice up your world.

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