A Mauling on a Beautiful Summer Day Essay

A Mauling on a Beautiful Summer Day Essay

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I could hear the sirens in the distance. Everything blurred into slow motion. It had attacked. . . .
Hot summer sun glistened in the bright blue sky. The white sand felt warm beneath our bare feet. My friends, Patrick and Tommy, and I had just spent a glorious day at the beach building sand castles and jumping the white washed waves. It was another perfect day of summer vacation.
Our rumbling stomachs indicated that it was time to venture home. We vaulted on to our scooters and rode back to Patrick & Tommy’s apartment. When we got there, we commenced to bring out the food for the barbeque. Hot dogs, hamburgers, homemade potato salad, apple cider, and fresh homemade apple pie for dessert were on the menu. The neighbors had already fired up their grills. It was going to be an impromptu block party barbeque. We could hardly wait for the dinner bell to ring!
The three of us were partaking in a rousing game of handball in the driveway, and I was winning, of course, when minutes later we saw some people walking their dogs. We stopped playing momentarily to admire the dogs and beckoned them our way. There was a pretty golden retriever, whose name escapes me. The retriever was on a leash and following him was a small, unleashed, mutt. We played with the friendly retriever for a few minutes and then I leaned down to pet the small dog. Suddenly, I realized I had been mauled. The small, seemingly friendly dog, turned out was not so friendly after all. The vicious creature had attacked me. Paralyzed with fear, I felt a gaping hole ripped in my face. My skin felt gnarled, chiseled and raw. Blood gushed down my severed cheek. Tremors surged my body. Drops of hemoglobin splattered all over the sidewalk. My mind lap...

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...nd we left. I lapsed into an exhausted slumber as we made our way home.
The next morning, I found out that Patrick and Tommy’s mom, Dana, had talked to the owners of the retriever. They said the little dog was not theirs. That dog had simply been following them. Dana, her brother, Scott, and some other neighbors had searched the neighborhood hoping to find the feral beast, to be sure it had been vaccinated, but to no avail. Needless to say, we were all relieved that the dog had not bitten me since we would never know if it was rabid.
Ten days later, I returned to my doctor to have the stitches removed. The incident left a gaping scar across my face. Moral of the story, as I learned from my doctor, is never put yourself beneath an animal, as this can create the idea to the animal that he is the dominate force, which is what apparently happened in my case.

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