A Master Of The Symphonic Genre Essay

A Master Of The Symphonic Genre Essay

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Johannes Brahms, who is well-known as a master of the symphonic genre, composed only four symphonies, and is still frequently performed for audience as an essential repertoire for concerts and recordings. New CD releases, by label Sony Classical, included Brahms’s Symphony No. 2 in D major, Op. 73 and his Symphony No. 3 in F major, Op. 90 on Oct 3rd 1995. Further, this is remastered from recording in 1960 with Sony’s superlative 20-bit recording process, providing every nuance and the inflexion of musical performance. Moreover, Sony offers High Definition 20-bit Sound, which is an advanced technology to transfer sound sources from the 20-bit recording onto CD. In this regard, it is always very welcome that the reproduction of the previous recording of the master works with new technology to provide high quality sound for listeners.
In June 1877, Brahms arrived at Pörtschach on the Wörthersee near Klagenfurt in Carinithia for his summer vacation. Besides, he had spent most of summer in the mountainous regions to enjoy the great beauty of nature. In this vacation time, he composed his Second Symphony, taking only three months after a long compositional process for his First Symphony. Moreover, it is usually called ‘Pastoral symphony’ due to the pastoral mood of this work. On the other hand, very limited information remains regarding the genesis of Brahms’ Third Symphony because of self-critical fastidiousness causing him to destroy many drafts and whole pieces. For this reason, it is difficult to determine clearly when he started to compose this work. However, it helps to know that Brahms completed this work in the summer of 1883 at Wiesbaden, after elapsing six years since the completion of his Second Symphony. Furthermore, the Th...

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...nd, Thomas Mann with three different languages: English, German, and French. Though this statement is interesting information to guide the listeners for better understanding of Walter, it creates doubt for the reasons why they included this instead of other information. Furthermore, the front cover was designed in black and white colors with Walter’s photo by photographer, Don Hunstein. Indeed, this photo presents the great musicianship of Walter and the Brahms’ musical characters: melancholy, deepness, etc.
In conclusion, new CD was remastered by Sony’s advance technology for high quality sound, and it offers Walter’s great musicianship which is a pleasure to listeners truly. Further, Walter’s knowledge of Brahms’ music allowed him to make an appropriate interpretation, and Columbia Symphony Orchestra could perform naturally and impressively under Walter’s baton.

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