Essay on A Marble Sculpture Of A Soldier Helping A Fallen Comrade

Essay on A Marble Sculpture Of A Soldier Helping A Fallen Comrade

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A marble sculpture of a soldier helping a fallen comrade, and another marble sculpture of a man tying a ribbon around his head. The artworks in comparison A can look like they have many similarities, but they are actually very different from each other. Both sculptures at first glance can look like they are Roman sculpture, but were likely created at different times, and by different cultures.
The Romans not only borrowed from Greek artists, but they also swallowed Etruscan culture. Roman art developed out of the Etruscan and Greek societies before them. When it came to art The Romans were borrowers and not inventors, the area The Romans excelled in was architecture. Impressive examples of Roman architecture and engineering that still stand out to this day are The Pont Du Gard in southern France, it’s span is 900 feet and was designed to carry water. This aqueduct built about 20 BCE could provide 100 gallons of water a day for the people Southern France. Another of the Romans architectural marvels is the colosseum. Construction began in 72 BCE, it was built entirely of concrete, tufa blocks, and travertine. This massive stadium was an entertainment center that could have held about 50,000 spectators who gathered to watch the blood sports and spectacles. It was the first of its kind and to this day we use the example The Romans left us with our modern day stadiums. The Arch of Titus is another Roman piece of architecture that we still marvel to this day. The large freestanding arch standing 50 feet served as a base for an even bigger statue of a 4 horse chariot and driver which the is the usual Roman triumph symbol. The arch commemorates Titus and his capture of Jerusalem. The exterior of the arch is decorated with engaged col...

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...can be a depiction of the time, Greece losing their political dominance and military power. Greek artists studied human appearances closely, and followed a set of rules that set the classical period apart. Classical sculptures including the cannon followed these rules having regular facial features, smooth skin, and very particular body proportions. With these rules put together the Greeks were able to give us their version of beauty. The Greeks were ahead of their time and innovators in sculptures. They created seamless bronze molds that gave us life like sculptures that we still marvel to this day. The pieces of art in comparison 1 are for from Roman Sculptures, although they are marble, Roman sculptures showed versim in wrinkles and were clothed with Roman togas or armor. We see in these images the lack of those qualities, but see the Greek classical influence.

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