Essay about A Map Of The Eastern World

Essay about A Map Of The Eastern World

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If you were to look on a map of the Eastern world, you would see a distinctly shaped country at the bottom of Asia. This country, known as India, is one whose history goes back almost as far as civilization itself. It started out as many other countries did during the rise of civilization, by tribes inhabiting areas around sources of water, or in the case of India, the Indus River Valley. When the first tribes settled, they chose the area for several reasons. It promoted agriculture development and would allow them to grow. The different characteristics of the land also impacted how the tribes grew into a nation as well as influencing their society.
Around 3500 BCE, the first tribes of India began to settle in the Indus River Valley. Much like the people of early Egypt, the early inhabitants learned to live on the land that became shaped by the environment (Duiker). This valley was able to support the high demands of agriculture production because of the Himalayan Mountains in the Northern part of the country. The snow would melt off of the mountains and supply much needed nutrient...

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