A Man's Early Developed Love for Science: Johannes Kepler Essay

A Man's Early Developed Love for Science: Johannes Kepler Essay

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Johannes Kepler is a famous mathematician, astronomer, and astrologer of the Scientific Revolution during the seventeenth century. Kepler has made some very important contribution to the fields of astronomy and mathematics. Without him we might not have made some discoveries until much later. He is one of the most important scientists of the Scientific Revolution. Johannes Kepler made some important contributions to astronomy and had some incredible works and accomplishments all due to his early developed love for science.
To begin, the early life of Johannes Kepler plays a big role in his development to love science. Kepler was born on December 27, 1571 in Weil der Stadt, Württemberg in Germany. He had two brothers and one sister. His mother was Katharina Guldenmann and his father was Heinrich Kepler, who is believed to have died in the Eighty Years’ War. His mother was an innkeeper's daughter, was a healer and herbalist, and she was tried for witchcraft. Kepler was born prematurely and so as a child he was very sickly. When he was young he got chicken pox and that gave him weak vision and crippled hands. On top of this his family was very poor. He was introduced to astronomy early and developed a love for it. He had observed a few astronomical events at an early age, which surely contributed to his love for it. He naturally understood mathematics very well starting at a young age and impressed many people with his mathematical abilities. For example, “he often impressed travelers at his grandfather's inn with his phenomenal mathematical faculty” (Johannes kepler: Early Years, n.d.). His intelligence earned him a scholarship to the University of Tübingen. There he studied theology and philosophy and was introduced to the ideas ...

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...undi”, “Mysterium cosmographicum”, “Tabulae Rudolphinae”, and “Somnium”. All of these were big accomplishments that also helped to enlighten everyone.
In conclusion, Kepler played a huge role in the Scientific Revolution with his many genius discoveries and major accomplishments due to his early developed love for science. His contributions to
science and mathematics played a big role in the development of science. Without his genius it could have taken years longer to discover some of the things he did. Therefore, Johannes Kepler is one of the most important astronomers of the Scientific Revolution.

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