A Majority Of Sexual Assault Essay examples

A Majority Of Sexual Assault Essay examples

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A majority of sexual assault victims cease to report their abusers. Out of the ¼ women that will be sexually assaulted in their life, only 6% of those occurrences are actually reported (Ramirez, 2016). There are plenty of reasons as to why a woman or a man would resist informing someone about an attack on him or her; embarrassment, victim blaming, fear of being attacked again, the list goes on, even to reasons we may not know of. All of these reasons that we are highly aware of bring shame upon the one suffering rather than the offender. This is because higher authorities are more worried about image, impact, and inconvenience. There have been numerous incidents where universities protect students that bring good publicity and revenue into the school, women are questioned about what they did for the abuse to occur, and men are believed to be too powerful to have been assaulted.
More than 16% of women are sexually assaulted while in college (Dick, 2015). With this being a large problem throughout all college campuses, this brings responsibility to universities to prevent these assaults from repeating and educating their students on consent. However, this does not happen. These schools are not making their students’ safety a priority causing victims to feel unprotected and uncomfortable with reporting the crime. 88% of women do not report on-campus rape (Dick, 2015). They believe that regardless of what they say and how much evidence they provide, their schools will find a way to override any allegations. Like any business, a university has a brand to protect. Anything that brings negative attention to their school, they may see as a threat; the battle turns into victim versus school instead of victim versus abuser and oppositely,...

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...re constantly feeling at shame and the need to not report. Even when people have the courage to report their attacker, it is carelessly dealt with. This problem is not new and has been ongoing for many years to count. In 2010, only 26% of rape reports resulted in arrest in the U.S (Dick, 2015). Men that abuse have been almost entirely erased from a problem that is centrally about them (Katz, 2012). The power may seem as though it lays in the hands of law enforcers or schools, however the power clearly is in the hands of the attackers. They are continuing to abuse the advantage they are receiving of getting away with committing sexual assault crimes, which may be motivating them to repeat the assault on others. Law enforcers are just simply serving them this unfortunate power. The issue will never be solved until the focus is not just on the women and men victimized.

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