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A Majority Of Google Inc Essay

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A majority of Google Inc. revenue comes from its advertising services. As a search engine provider (i.e. chrome) it knew that it had access to billions of customers worldwide which businesses want to reach. So it asked the question, “What if we could provide products that allow for better attribution and measurement across screens so that we show great ads for the right people?” (citation). From there came this idea of providing advertisement services to businesses. Its ad services are grouped into Performance advertising and Brand advertising.
The performance ads are for users to engage directly with advertisers while brand ads raise awareness about particular brands of product and service. Most of the performance ads are conducted through AdWords and payment is usually on a cost-per-engagement basis. Brand ads are displayed across multiple screens such as TrueView ads which are displayed on YouTube.
In 2012, 2013, and 2014 advertising revenue accounted for 94.9%, 91.0%, and 89.5% respectively. Knowing this Google Inc. has “allocated substantial resources to stopping bad advertising practices and protecting users on the web. Our efforts to focus on our users to ensure the best advertising experiences range from removing hundreds of millions of bad ads from our systems every year to closely monitoring the sites and apps that show our ads and blacklisting them when necessary to ensure that our ads do not fund bad content” (citation).
For online searches, Google Inc. provides Chrome to users. It has features such as bookmarks and toolbars that make search online faster and easier. In 2014, Google Inc. ranked first in the list of top 50 multi-platform properties both at work and home while competitors like Microsoft and Apple Inc. ...

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...gement firm Carlyle Group had valued Beats’ assets, including its high-end headphone line and streaming music services, at around $1 billion. The acquisition makes strategic sense upon closer examination, however. Another product that has been a huge factor to Apple is its iWatch.
Other Factors
With locations in more than 40 countries and approximately 70 offices around the globe, Google Inc. is a multinational corporation with a unique culture. It emphasizes “ability over experience” and recruits people with different backgrounds academically and culturally (google). The result is higher productivity and revenue as the company is able to serve clients all over the globe. As of 2014, it had “53,600 full-time employees: 20,832 in research and development, 17,621 in sales and marketing, 7,510 in general and administrative functions, and 7,637 in operations” (google).

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