A Majestic And Ancient Sentinel Encompasses The Horizon Essay

A Majestic And Ancient Sentinel Encompasses The Horizon Essay

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A majestic and ancient sentinel encompasses the horizon. It began its ascertainments before the dawn of time. From the first creature to scale its eminence to the now senescent thickets spanning its plateau, it mutely observes the delicate world born upon itself. Eons of wisdom and antiquity have entrenched its vista. An unspoken understanding of a simple balance ensconced within its acclivity still eludes the human mind. Humans capable of creating such magnificent, beautiful works of art, prose of thought, and music defying description are also capable of pure devastation and destruction of this very delicate and life sustaining balance of the planet. If the human mind were as evolved and experienced as the mountain in its understanding of this wisdom, perhaps, without speaking humans would share in the same wisdom entrenched within the vista and learn how to become better versed in the diagnostic thought process.
In the western way of thinking, there is a saying: “with age comes wisdom”. Humans may be the dominant species on the planet, but they are certainly not the oldest. Especially when we compare human ages to that of mountains. Metaphorically speaking, of course, mountains contain an antiquated wisdom within their layers of stone and soil. They acquire a chronological passage of time and a repository memory of its surrounding environment within itself. The same is true with humans, but the wisdom of the mind is much less antediluvian. Humans possess a similar, but much more, complex thought process that has only begun to evolve in comparison to the mountains.
Mountains provide an example of critical thinking as a natural synthesis, when compared to the process of human thought process, but with one distinct advantage. ...

... middle of paper ...

...included in the elements of critical thinking.
In this case, the fear based motivated decision of humans to eradicate wolves leads to an overpopulation of deer resulting in the desolation of the forestry being consumed by the increased number of deer. By removing one element in this cycle, humans create a devastating and cascading effect upon the elements of the eco-system and the world’s environment as a whole.
The solutions to these issues can be substantiated by heeding this unique example of critical thinking skills set by the mountain. By doing so, humans can then employ a more logical and purely objective reasoning to their decisions. This will not only benefit the eco-system and the environment of the planet, but it will succinctly and more efficiently begin to heal the planet and improve the human race as a species through the process of critical thinking.

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