A Lot Of Hamilton 's Federalist Economic Program Essay

A Lot Of Hamilton 's Federalist Economic Program Essay

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A lot of Hamilton’s Federalist economic program, wasn’t demolished by the Jeffersonian Republican’s, however, they did abolish the taxes on whiskey, decreased the government expenditures, and Jefferson’s array of the Republican Simplicity. Republicans glorified the agriculture and trade that occurred before 1800. During the first part of the 1800’s, the United States saw tremendous economic and population growth, which ended up expanding the nation. Trade exports to Europe and commercial agriculture multiplied and Americans headed towards the West in flocks. The Louisiana Purchase ended up tripling the amount of area within the US, in which President Jefferson purchased for 15 million. The Lewis and Clark expedition ended up becoming approved by Congress. Jefferson chose Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, to explore the pacific for scientific and geographical purposes. In the case of Marbury v. Madison, it ended up becoming the Supreme Courts, first decision in announcing a federal law, which happened to be the Judiciary Act of 1789, being unconstitutional. Even though the importation of enslaved Africans, were outlawed on January 1, 1808, it never stopped this from continuing as individuals were still continuing to buy and sell slaves within the US. The auctions of slaves actually doubled and imported slaves from Africa, became even more worthwhile.

2. Describe how the foreign evens impacted the United States during the Jefferson and Madison administrations.
Jefferson ended up sending out warships defeat the Barbary pirates. The war carried on until 1805, when it was interrupted in 1804 by Stephen Decatur. Stephen Decatur had snuck into the Tripoli Harbor during the night and set it upon fire. Thomas Jefferson ended up comp...

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... British endeavor to take hold of the port of New Orleans. Even with the Battle of New Orleans happening after the Treaty of Ghent, it still played an important role, as the treaty hadn’t become officially ratified by either the US nor Great Britain. One result of the dispute over neutral shipping rights was to be able to construct the economic independence of the US. During the time of the war and its conclusion, the Federalist and Republicans seemed to have changed parts. At the Hartford Convention, the Federalist held secret meetings between December 1814 and January 1815. The Federalist protested the Americans involvement in the War of 1812 and spoke about a number of constitutional amendments, that included limiting each president to be able to serve only one term. The Republicans, ended up advocating nationalism and a wide clarification of the Constitution.

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