Essay about A Look Into The Criminal Defenseless

Essay about A Look Into The Criminal Defenseless

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A look into the Criminal Defenseless:
The worst thing a lawyer may ever have to do is bury a loved one or be the one in a casket because their profession results in being a dangerous workplace. Unfortunately, that was the case for a long time big shot criminal defense lawyer, who lost his son Zachary while in the legal industry. Since then, he has decided to change his course of work to another department in this field. This is just one viewpoint on this major issue that comes along with defending criminals. Even criminals need a voice to defend them, in the worst situations simply because their constitutional rights matter. Many believe that it is immoral to defend a criminal because what they deem to believe is that criminals are not subject to change or their wrongs outweigh their rights. In any case, a criminal defense lawyer will do their best to keep their better judgment and defend a criminal but they themselves may be in serious danger if they lose the case. Even the best lawyers will lose some cases but criminal defense can be risky because of the clientele, these lawyers come into contact with. Some criminals may be prepared to physically hurt or murder their defendant if they are not able to bail them out of the problems they created on their own. Criminal defense lawyers are definitely in harms way when it comes to their dangerous workplace and something should take action to honor the protection of attorneys, the staff, and their clients.
First and foremost, a criminal attorneys job is to protect the rights of a citizen when accused of any crime. Every criminal needs an attorney to defend him or her whether they can afford it or not. Usually criminals have enough funds to hire a top tier lawyer because cri...

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...nt or agreement should be signed to ensure the safety of attorneys, lawyers, staff, and criminals to remain protected from any harm. Another successful way to possibly make this field a safer workplace is to enforce the use of citations or more jail time whatever the case may be if any case anyone in the legal case has been harmed, when it comes to more money or further legal punishment criminals are less likely to harm someone in order to avoid further punishment. A bodyguard could be a great idea depending on how severe a case may be, for instance many times a lawyer will be subject to defend a serial killer, or murderer so it would useful to have a second pair of eyes to have in any case of emergency. Many instances can go wrong in this field so it is best to prevent harm and effectively try to make the criminal justice workplace a safer environment to work in.

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