A Look into the Assassination of JFK Essay

A Look into the Assassination of JFK Essay

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John Fitzgerald Kennedy was born on May 29th, 1917 in Brooklyn, Massachusetts. He was named after his grandfather, John Francis Fitzgerald, who happened to also have a career in politics as the mayor of Boston, Massachusetts. He had 8 siblings, three brothers and five sisters. His parents were Patrick Joseph Kennedy and Rose Kennedy. His early life in Massachusetts helped shape him into one of the greatest presidents America has ever had.
Kennedy was an especially bright young man with many talents, in 1940 he graduated from Harvard University, where he also played football like his brother Jack, in 1940. As an Irish Catholic in Boston he suffered from prejudice, but he was determined not to let that affect his future and set the goal to make a million dollars by the age of 35. Even after graduating Harvard he knew he wanted to serve his country and he decided to join the Navy. Where he was a lieutenant during World War II. He served in the South Pacific commanding the PT-109, a patrol torpedo boat. It was on this boat that he became a true leader when a larger Japanese warship hit his boat and split it completely in half. This resulted in the death of half of his men, but after being thrown against the boat he searched the wreckage to find Patrick McMahon, a crew member on the PT-109, and rescued him from the flames of the burning boat. It was because of this that he was awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Medal for his bravery. It was his leadership skills shown during the war that helped him start his political career when he ran for Congress in the eleventh congressional district of Massachusetts. But he didn’t become a big politician until he ran for the U.S Senate that officially started him down the path that lead to the W...

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...after all he was never tried nor convicted since he was killed before that could happen. I suppose you could conjure up some more theories as to why he was killed but the real truth will never be uncovered, it’s just one mystery that will never be solved.

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