Essay on A Look Into Germany

Essay on A Look Into Germany

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Country background:
Germany is currently the second most populous nation in Europe and one of the continents largest economies [1]. Since the early half 20th century the nation has gone through 2 world wars. Germany was originally divided into two former states known as the western federal republic of Germany (FRG) and the eastern German democratic republic (GDR). The FRG was a key member of western security, and economic organizations. The communist GDR was mainly involved with the Soviet-led Warsaw pact. By the end of the cold war western and eastern Germany were eventually united as one nation in 1990 [1]. Germany is a member of NATO, G8 summit and the United nations. It remains the world’s fourth largest economy by average GDP, and fifth largest in purchasing power. Germany contributes to international trade by being the second largest importer and exporter of goods and services worldwide. The nation has been successful in developing social security and a high standard of living [1].
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Geographical Information:
Germany is located in central Europe which stretches across the North European plain from the Baltic Sea to the North Sea [2]. It consists of 16 states where Berlin, Bremen, and Hamburg are considered city-states. The country borders the Netherlands, Belgium and France towards the west. And Poland, Czech Republic in the east. The total area is about 357,021 square km which consists of 349,223 sq. km of land and 7798 square km of water. Germany’s coastlin...

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Geographical Information :
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