A Look at Transportation in Three Cities Essay

A Look at Transportation in Three Cities Essay

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Report on Transport Issues in Developed and Developing States; Brussels in Belgium (Western Europe), San Diego in California (North America) and Kampala in Uganda (Africa)
The entire transportation network in many cities enhances the exchange of services and goods and improves the interaction among societies. The efficiency and quality of a transport system has a very significant effect on social and economic welfare of any country or city. The management and development of an appropriate, affordable and reliable transport network in any city is essential for the development of the economy and service delivery to every part of the world.
It is upon this backdrop that the report seeks to examine the similarities and differences of transport systems in Brussels, San Diego and Kampala in regard to their transport policies, and associated transport issues. The three cities were chosen for the research since they have an almost identical population density with Kampala’s population being 1.2 million, Brussels being 1.1 million and San Diego’s being 1.2 million. This report will also explore the extent to which cities in the third world may benefit from the experiences in the developed countries. This report will also state the factors that influence the patterns and amount of travel undertaken and the demand for the transportation of goods and people while comparing the transport systems in San Diego, Brussels and Kampala.
The report will address issues concerning the use and provision of transport facilities and assess the transport and travel conditions in the year 1995.The report will then go ahead to assess changes in the transport system and patterns of land use in the mentioned cities in the year 1995 and in th...

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