A look at Nora’s transformation from beginning to end Essay

A look at Nora’s transformation from beginning to end Essay

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Many human beings, in particular women, are always searching for the especial individual and do anything in order to get what they expect. Love is a crazy feeling in which the heart leads the way and sometimes we can consider those in love under a spell. The brain has no saying and common sense is lost against this so-called “feeling of love.” I will be discussing the play a “Doll’s house” by Ibsen and in particular the transformation that Nora undergoes throughout the play until she recognizes that she is not in love with Torvald. This play was set in a time were women were dependent on man most of the time and were not able to define themselves. The only duties given to a wife, like Nora, were to be a good House wife, Take care of the children and satisfy Torvald. Hence, the name of the play “ A doll’s house” in which Nora is depicted as a doll from beginning to the point in which she finds the real world that she lives in and decides to run away.
Nora Helmer, a beautiful woman that has dedicated the past years to be the perfect house wife and admirable woman to society. Her life has been filled with good clothes, enough to live with and the good reputation that goes along with being married to a prospective bank manager. Nora’s early years belong next to her father and the pampering and dependency began, she was then passed down to her current husband, Torvald. In the play we are introduced to Kristine, an old friend of Noras and a character that allows us to witness the way Nora speaks about her marriage life and it ultimately shows the dependency of Nora to Torvald. Nora greets Kristine and goes to talk all wonders about her family. Kristine announces that she has neither children nor husband and this to Nora is unbelieva...

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...her head that she was nothing but a doll, someone who would do as told and a human being without any independence. This has made her realize she is not in love with Torvald and what she used to call home, is not home anymore. She has to get away and make up her own life, what she wants of it and how she wants to be treated.
Indeed, Nora has transformed into a woman of choice and one that can make her own decisions in regards to her life. She has become free from Torvald and his “perfect life” and realized that maybe they were never in love. Nora becomes aware of the possibility that Torvald was never in love with her but with the idea of being in love with her. She never had a saying in their lives and the children’s life. She had no meaning to her life and she realizes at the end of the play that she needs to educate herself first and then take care of others.

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