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A Look At Jack Welch Essay

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In this paper we are going to take a look at Jack Welch and the way had structured his organization, by team and best practices. Jack Welch was a man who believed in team development, training and fostering a strong culture of innovation. Also, in this paper we will analyze how Jack Welch used communication to help foster this team building and how communication was crucial to building his empire at GE.
How Jack Welch structured organization best practices and his executive team:
Best Practices:
At GE when speaking about best practice Jack Welch used the Trotter Matrix to measure best practices. The Trotter Matrix is a scorecard method, each attribute had a score. The Matrix is as follows (Schlieder):
0 points
Aware of best practice: no plans to adopt
1 point
Plans to adopt: no current activity
2 points
Current activity on best practice
3 points
Best practice implemented on some product lines
4 points
Best practice implemented on all product lines
5 points
Model site for best practice

Executive Team:
When Jack Welch became CEO at Chairman of GE he knew the challenges he had ahead of his, because major restructuring was needed. Some of his restructuring included a new operating structure. Not only did he implement a new operating structure he also applied new techniques when choosing his executive team. Jack hand picked his team and become very intimate with the executives. He sought his team vs. the usual promoting within, took them in trained them to his methods and oversaw everything they were doing. He took a very hands on approach which was miles different from the old GE. Beyond the new operating structure and executive team, he also, "treated GE as a smaller organization and had the exact knowledge of wh...

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... for the company, it open up teams to make this happen. This became a very large project for the company and continues to be an ongoing opportunity for teams.
Training programs:
Jack was a big believer of training programs. He had an special executive team training procedure. This executive training procedure. Jack had a very special hand in training employees for his executive positions. He kept tabs on over 3000, developed successive planning and had his own institute.

In conclusion, we can find from this look at Jack Welch, he utilized several different techniques when it came to communication, structure and team building. It never seemed that Jack Welch was the kind of leader who stuck with one specific style or techniques. Using these different methods, really helped the employees feel free to explore their surroundings, making GE a very successful company.

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