A Look at Human Behavior: Cognitive-Behavioral Frame of Reference Essay

A Look at Human Behavior: Cognitive-Behavioral Frame of Reference Essay

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Human behavior can be perceived through an infinite amount of perspectives; each individual has their own philosophy regarding the topic. The question of why do people do what they do has been around for ages, and when occupational therapist are asked the question often they turn to theories and frames of references for answers. A frame of reference is a “set of internally consistent and related concepts, postulates and principles that could be used to guide practice” (Bruce & Borg, 2007). These frames of references give occupational therapists models to choose from with different philosophies, in order to direct their therapy. Human behavior is primarily influenced by an individual’s beliefs along with their thoughts and cognitive functioning; the Cognitive-Behavioral Theory provides a model to further describe this belief.
The Cognitive-Behavioral Theory is an eclectic approach to human behavior that branches from a number of concepts and theories. As its name suggests, Cognitive-Behavioral Theory borrows principles from both cognitive and behavioral theories. Aaron Beck, the developer of Cognitive Therapy plays an important role in the development of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, as well as Ivan Pavlov and B.F. Skinner and their contributions in developing behavioral theory. While these theories have an important role in creating Cognitive-Behavioral theory, they are not the only two theories borrowed from. Albert Bandura’s social learning theory, Donald Meichenbaum’s cognitive behavior modification, and Albert Ellis’ Rational Emotive Therapy are often cited and used within occupational therapy practice.
Aaron Beck’s cognitive therapy was originated after observing patients suffering from depression. Through these observation...

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