Essay on A Look At His Current As Well As His Past Aspirations

Essay on A Look At His Current As Well As His Past Aspirations

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In this study we will explore Johathan taking a look at his current as well as his past aspirations. John’s plans for his future have shifted sparking concern on the behalf of his school counselor. A team was assembled to prevent Jonathan from dropping out of school. The team will use the results of his Kuder Navigator examination, the Otis-Lennon School Ability Test a differential aptitude test and his report cards.
Scales of Measurement
The Kuder Navigator is based on an ordinal scale assigning a score of 1 through 4 indicating your current skill for various tasks (Drummond & Jones, 2010). The Kuder Navigator has been in use for more than 75 years and used by 165 million people heling to guide individuals into optimal careers for their future. The Otis-Lennon School Ability Test, Eight Edition (OLSAT-8) is an intelligence test used to screen for gifted and talented programs. The scores for the OLSAT-8 use a ordinal scale as they are ranking individuals who participated in the same exam against each other. The score psychologist administered a differential aptitude test uses a ratio scale as they are a percentage of 100 (Drummond & Jones, 2010).
Understanding of Presented Measures
Statistical Concepts
Johnathan was given the OLSAT-8 on two separate occasion once scoring a 90 during his sophomore year and then scoring a 94 his junior year. This test-retest scores indicate the reliability of Jonathan’s scores over time show to be consistent and stable. Jonathan’s scores fall in the average range as the mean for the test is 100 with a standard deviation of 16. Johnathan’s scores don’t classify him as gifted or as a person needing anymore assistance than another student.
Johnathan was also tested using ...

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...rt we must be mindful of our biases that we may as counselors bring into the fold. We must be conscious of what the tester is feeling before the examination or your results will be skewed. Some exams are lengthy; we must ensure the tester understands the purpose of the test and is mentally and physically prepared for this ordeal. We must not force our beliefs for what someone should be doing in any situation.
Legal Considerations
School counselors operate with blanket consent provided by the student handbook that allows parents the right to opt out of all counseling services; however, know your state laws to ensure you are operating in the clear (Corey, Corey, & Callanan, Issues and ethics in the helping professions (8th) Ed., 2011). To whatever extent possible invite the parents to the meeting to provide the opportunity for them to have their voices heard.

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