A Long Lasting And Negative Impact On Children Essay

A Long Lasting And Negative Impact On Children Essay

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A) At the age of 1, this aboriginal male youth was removed from his parent’s home by the welfare system and spend his childhood years in and out of different homes, where he had experienced emotional abuse, physical abuse, family violence, and serious childhood trauma. These experiences have a long lasting and negative impact on his life. At 13, this aboriginal male ran away from his foster parents and lived on the streets with his friends that were involved in the gang life. While he had attended school on a daily basis as a child until he turned the age of 12-13 years-old he was frequently in the principles office getting suspended for fighting or simply just being violent to his peers. Since he was constantly getting into trouble at school, he had always thought, “What is the point of going to school?”. So, with that state of mind, he decided to drop out of school. His life turned into a life of crime, and drug and alcohol abuse. He was sometimes found on the criminal justice system as a result of committing illegal crimes, the most serious one was that he murdered someone. He was forced to murder a person in order to stay involved in the gang that his friends were in. Although, he got caught red handed, and found himself attending an Aboriginal healing lodge. Where aboriginal people assisted him in treatment programs that will help him control his negativity and anger issues. Later, he began to take part In other types of treatment programs that taught him about his native culture and language, which he had no knowledge about. An elder of his community had made friends with him and introduced him to sweat lodges and drumming activities. This elder shared a story on how her life was while growing up, it was similar to this abor...

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..., and learn the reasons for doing sweat lodges. They would also be able to meet an elder who would share their story and help the aboriginal offender lead to a healthier lifestyle. This treatment was a lot easier on the aboriginal people than the non-aboriginal treatment programs, because they wouldn’t experience discrimination or racism. It made the aboriginal people feel more comfortable, more of a success of the people getting out of the criminal justice system, and helped them understand and control their behaviors. After taking this aboriginal treatment was over, the aboriginal man who was convicted murder turned out to be successful and learned that he should give back to his culture and teach this aboriginal treatment center. He would give speeches just the same way the elder did, hoping he would be able to decrease the rate of aboriginal overrepresentation.

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