Essay on A Loaf Of Bread By James Alan Mcpherson

Essay on A Loaf Of Bread By James Alan Mcpherson

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Many families have certain roles and traditions that are followed by being taught or just by habit. Within those families are certain roles that are followed or taken on. Some families are patriarchal meaning that the man or father is more dominant or in charge and some families are matriarchal being that the mother is in charge or more dominant and in control. For some families these certain roles fit the family perfectly with not much of an issue which can balance out the family. But unfortunately for other families these roles break the household down making the household unbalanced. And this can cause the family to lack in some areas such as understanding, communication, or forgiveness.
In the story A Loaf of Bread, written by James Alan McPherson, The Green family is a patriarchal family and they struggle with decisions made by Harold Green, the father, who does not want to lower or change his prices, not even for the sake of his children. Reading this and seeing how stubborn this man was reminded me of my mother. Growing up I realized that our family is more so matriarchal. I saw how much dominance my mom had over my father and how my father did not really give his input or opinion in many situations. My father and I are exactly the same. We both have passive personalities in which we really will not say or state our opinions and be so strong about it if we have to. My brother and my mom share similar personalities which is having a strong opinion and not letting anyone walk over them.
In relation to the story and the Green family, everything was pretty much relatable and the same. The only different thing was the characters. Mr. Green is like my mom. They both have a stubborn personality and it will take so much for them t...

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... of some of the family about family and sticking together to set an example for the next generation. This speech had many quotes in the bible from it which led it to go on and on. But my great grandmother was right. One should never leave or ostracize themselves from family because of their opinion. Communication is key in our family but unfortunately we lack it a lot. As one can tell, this stories family is exactly like my family and, in my opinion my brother did not get kicked out. I believed he was tired of our mother’s big ego and high pride. I see nothing with a woman having those qualities but I do see something with someone who pushes their whole family away just to keep that ego and pride. In the end of the story, Mr. Green complies a slice of bread and money is less important than family and family is more important than a slice of ones ego and high pride.

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