Essay about A Literary Analysis of Symbolism in Yeats’s Texts

Essay about A Literary Analysis of Symbolism in Yeats’s Texts

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There are many different things that can have two meanings in life. Whether it is a certain look that someone gives you, that can mean something special. Or even in a literary way, for example, in the novel series, The Chronicles of Narnia, the Lion, Aslan, symbolizes God! In the Chronicles of Narnia series, Aslan does many different acts that prove that he is symbolized as God. For example, in the most popular book of the series, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, Aslan breathes the breath of life onto many creatures that brings them back to life, and turns them back to normal after the witch turns them into stone. In relation, the works of William Butler Yeats also includes many different symbols. In William Butler Yeats’ poems, Sailing to Byzantium, The Second Coming, The Wild Swans at Coole, The Lake Isle of Innisfree, and When You are Old, there are symbols that have special meanings.
In Yeats’ Byzantium, there is the symbol of the boat, and or sailing. This poem talks about aging. The opening line, “That is no country for old men” (Pg. 1147 Line 1) even states that the speaker, an old man, is leaving the country because he is too old now. In lines 15-16, the speaker states, “And therefore I have sailed the seas and come to the holy city of Byzantium.” This basically means that the speaker has lived, and now he is old, and he is going to die, and go to a better place. Although we think that Yeats is talking about Heaven, but he believed in reincarnation, so the speaker would be reincarnated into something better.
In the poem, Coming, by Yeats, Yeats uses a falcon and a falconer as a symbol. This whole poem is all about how the world is changing. According to Yeats’ philosophy, the world goes through 2000 year periods w...

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...g by the fire, and thinks about him and their past together, and how she didn’t accept him.
In conclusion, Yeats obviously uses symbols in all of his texts! He is an absolute animal when it comes to using symbolism in his poems. First of all, Yeats uses the boat, or sailing to symbolize death in his poem Byzantium. Second, the falcon and falconer is used in Coming to represent the world losing touch with faith. Third of all, in Swans, the swans are a symbol for younger experiences, which will one day leave and you won’t be able to remember. Next, in Innisfree, the place Innisfree is a symbol for peace, because that is basically the speaker’s happy place, and it is perfect and peaceful. Lastly, Yeats uses the book in Old to represent the past, when the woman sits down with the book and dreams. In the end, Yeats is the winner of the greatest symbol using poet!

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