A List of Health Problems that Exercise can Prevent Essay

A List of Health Problems that Exercise can Prevent Essay

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If you are suffering from any of these 8 health problems or want to prevent them ask your doctor for an exercise prescription.
1. Anxiety/Depression
3. Memory Loss/cognition problems
4. Sleep problems
5. Asthma
6. Erectile Dysfunction and Low Libido
7. PMS and Menopause-related symptoms
8. Lower-Back, Hip, Knee, and Neck Pain
Problems from money, worries over work, family issues, and many others can contribute to depression. Exercise is the key to these problems, a research has shown that people who exercise on a daily bases are less likely to develop anxiety than people who don’t. Meditative exercise such as yoga focus on breathing, they work to calm a nervous system that’s on overdrive. Let’s not forget the higher the intensity, of the work out the better. (1)
“Exercising can temporarily raises levels of dopamine, yielding results similar to the drugs Ritalin and Adderall. It will also stimulate the part of the brain responsible for decision making and impulse control.”(1) Kids are better at exercising with supervision; aerobic activity can encourage teamwork and boost their self-esteem, while adults can benefit from any type of exercise. (1)
Memory loss/cognition problems
Those adults who exercise on a daily base score higher on test of memory, attention, and decision making, multitasking and planning. Practice a new exercise or changing the route of the exercise will help with this condition. (1)
Sleep Problems
Exercise can help pump iron which it will help you to experience a deeper higher quality of sleep than people who will consume sleeping pills this is according with Dr. Metzl. Unsatisfactory sleep can lead to a huge number of health problems that exercise can counteract. Exercise for 30min any typ...

... middle of paper ...

...he time. (5)
In conclusion exercise should be the number one medicine prescribed by our doctor. There are a lot more conditions that could be improve by exercising on a daily base. The reason why I chose these conditions to talk about is because; in most of these types of problems we don’t see how exercise could help. It is sad that we don’t hear from our doctor how exercise could help and prevent some conditions. Exercise could be saving money and lives of people.

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