A Light Of The Nations : The Missional Church And The Biblical Story Essay

A Light Of The Nations : The Missional Church And The Biblical Story Essay

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The book A light to the Nations: The Missional Church and the Biblical Story examines the missional nature of the church by reviewing its role in the biblical story. While the author does not have an intention to provide quick-fix strategies for churches, he wants theological students, as well as pastors and church leaders, to be presented with “scriptural and narrative theological work struggling with our biblical identity and role in the original historical context” (ix). By interacting with various biblical and missiological sources, Goheen introduces biblical theology of God’s mission through the life and deeds of the church, as it continues the mission of Israel in the Old Testament, and the mission of Jesus along with apostles and the early church in the New Testament.
1. What parallel does Goheen reveal between ecclesiology and our missional identity?
• Rationale: Without focusing on the idea of being an agent of God’s mission, the church can yield its true identity to the dominant cultural story and eventually lose its missional calling.

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