Essay about A Light of Hope During the Vietnam War

Essay about A Light of Hope During the Vietnam War

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The American public begged for a way out, a light of hope to end the Vietnam War. Protesters lined the streets to proclaim how desperately they wanted soldiers back home. The government spent a huge amount of money, and many soldiers fought for their lives daily in battle. In the midst of the worst part of the war, a man named Richard Nixon came forth to stand as America’s light of hope. “Vietnamization” was Nixon’s ticket into the Oval Office, however; the implementation of his policy and the outcome of the war displeased some Americans.
Nixon noticed that America had drawn close to opening the door to the longest war involvement in American history, so he took advantage of it. Nixon announced to the American public that he had a plan to get them out of the Vietnam War. Nixon’s plan was to get U.S. troops out of Vietnam, and replace them with ARVN (South Vietnam troops). This policy was named Vietnamization and was the main reason Richard Nixon became president. Nixon happened to gain office when the war was at its worst. “I have chosen a plan for peace,” Nixon says to the public a...

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