A Lifetime of Perceived Reality

A Lifetime of Perceived Reality

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Everyone has moments when you put up veils to either hide, or feel comfort in a situation. We all even sometimes focus on past events to aid our put-on-faces. It sounds natural to periodically take part in this, but imagine if you became so consumed with you illusioned face you took part in this for years on end. After a period of time you would no longer be able to tell your created image from your true image- So you’d turn to what you do know that can be altered just as your image, you would turn to past memories. You’d convince yourself that whatever you had in the past could easily be obtained in the present, which is not true (sp. 2). This is the situation of Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan. Each of these characters from the story The Great Gatsby (F.Scott Fitzgerald) constantly put up facades, and when distinction between actuality and desire became meshed they became abnormal, and a sure price was to be paid for unwittingly turning to the past. Theses two characters told a fact that’s to last a lifetime- putting up veils for too long, while living in a parallel universe and prior times will lead to your permanent extinction, eternally altered, or utterly lost when actuality apprehends you.(sp.3)
Jay Gatsby, the torn man who envisioned himself into “James Gatz”, who at seventeen invented and transformed himself into Jay Gatsby” (Telgen 67). Gatsby was a man who hid under facades, lived for them sometimes blindly.(Sp.4) This Caused him to unconsciously process “double vision” -(Telgen65) Meaning he saw in two sets of eyes his uncontrolled natural ones, and his robotic cloaked ones.(sp.5) The Cloaked set (which he could control at this point) distracted him from the present state of Daisy. The realization that the girl he “loved” was not the golden image he perfected numerous times with memories of his constructed past. He failed to comprehend that he was only in love with the illusion he had created years ago. He allowed these memories to drive him and push him toward things he didn’t understand he could never have. Daisy’s faint crystal memories obsessively drove him “toward the green light” (Fitzgerald 13), in which nourished and protected the fragile, attained Daisy. Jay “Gatsby brought [a] House so that Daisy would be just across the bay” (Fitzgerald 147) .

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Gatsby so close to Daisy foolishly fed his image that he and Daisy had a chance together. If all he knows is that the past can repeat itself, what’s to happen when something contradicts his “logic” thinking? What’s to happen when Jay Gatsby suppresses that disillusionment that was bound to over take him if he doesn’t change his error ways? Gatsby is going to get blown away with the diverse realities of the cruel, cursed, heartbreaking world (sp.6)
Just as Gatsby, Daisy lives in an unrealistic world also, meaning she puts up covers to hide herself all while she carelessly withers in past thoughts. She looks to memory for answers when all she had to do is see the bigger picture instead of living in the “well forgotten dreams from age to age (Telgan 68). Just days before her wedding she chose the money over love she “walked out of the room, the pearls around her neck” (Fitzgerald 81). Thus,when her love letter (Gatsby) showed up into her life again with “pearls”, she flew at a chance to maybe see but something held her back. Daisy also again like Gatsby lets the world pass her by as she has the “absence of all desire” (Fitzgerald 17). How can you ever truly focus and be happy if you are stuck in a halt, never moving forward. If Daisy continued to fool people with “Her face [being] sad and lovely with bright things in it” (Fitzgerald), when would she no longer be able to dilute out her lost eyes- he veil will only go so far without discovering the feature. A big difference between Daisy and Gatsby’s is that she constantly goes back and forth between the two faces causing her to sometimes get unwanted glimpse of the future. When she overheard a conservation between Nick (her cousin) and Jordan (her friend) she shouted “Gatsby?!, demanded Daisy,” “what Gatsby?” (Fitzgerald). It was very proximate that she thinks of memories of them together, but her outburst led her guest to raise questioned looks. Daisy is living the life of a half full glass about to tip over, and what a fall it will be when she spills over and hits the ground hard. Will she be able to muster out of her situation or will her and Gatsby both fall to the doom of their own actions, which led them to their fatal climax of their life.
While Gatsby and daisy continued to live suffocating mindless lives, one individual was tipping off the scales more than another- Gatsby (sp.7). He was beginning to lose full control over what he wanted the world to see and what he himself only wanted to know. This was all due simply because “Daisy to him was the past, present, and future-Without the hope of her love, Gatsby no longer has a future” (Shmoop). Daisy, beginning to crack that golden image he built her to be, no longer served as inspiration within his life. And he is realizing he wasted years upon his life reaching for a “green light” (Fitzgerald) that he could never touch. In substantiality, “No amount of fire or freshness can challenge what a man will store up in his ghostly heart” (Fitzgerald 101), except the man himself. This beckoning was invading his mind at such a high rate he could not handle all the demolished illusions himself, his living in the past was threatening his future.

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