A Life Lived for a Community Essay

A Life Lived for a Community Essay

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A Life Lived for a Community
In a little tan house with dark shutters on Monroe Street in Troy, Missouri, there lives a woman with an easy smile and twinkling eyes. Located by the park commonly called by the locals the Duck Pond Park, this wonderous woman lives quietly where she has for many years now, and no one who passes by can guess at what lies in that infinitesimal house. This marvelous woman has a drive to make an impact on the community with her all of her time and her energy. This stupendous woman is named Altha Marsh.
Furthermore, Altha is someone who has spent her life striving to help and inspire other people every day, and most people do not even know that she is doing it. However, to her this certitude is not important, inexplicably due to her everlasting rapture, a rapture, that is, for helping people. Just as her Grandfather taught her too, all those bountiful years ago in Elsberry, Missouri.
Incidentally, Altha was born in the pint-sized town of Brunswick, Missouri, which in 2010, had a population of a whopping 838 people (city-data.com).In the early 1940’s when she was born, the population was at 1,749 people, much larger than it is currently (Missouri Census Data Center). Shortly after she was born, her family began frequently moving around the state due to her Father’s occupation as a high school band teacher. The home she remembers most from her childhood, after a series of small towns, is in Elsberry, Missouri, when she lived near her three grandparents.
It was during her time in Elsbury that Altha attended high school. Ultimately, owed to the fact her father was the band teacher, she instantaneously took to the music program like a duck to water. Honestly, playing the French Horn in band class, singing sopr...

... middle of paper ...

...e leaving out the most influential people here. Altha Marsh is the hero among unsung heroes, needing to be immortalized by the words of the future generations to come.

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