Essay about A Life Free Of Sin Or Avarice

Essay about A Life Free Of Sin Or Avarice

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The idea that you can lead a life free of sin or avarice is a noble ideal, but it is not an easy path for one to undertake without consideration. You must weigh the good deeds you could potentially accomplish against the level of personal sacrifice you will most likely endure during your lifetime. You must ensure that you lead by example as you navigate the path in which your life takes while serving humankind. You get the sense while reading Mr. Franklin’s essay that he put a good deal of thought into what is the best way to approach his quest for living a moral life. Early in his life, Benjamin Franklin settled upon the belief that it was possible for him to lead such a life by living in accordance with thirteen virtues that he identified as areas which would need to be overcome in his desire to reach “moral perfection” (Franklin). He believed that it was possible to recognize fault and he made the conscious decision to overcome those faults. I believe it is honorable to want to achieve perfection, but we are destined to be failures in achieving this by our own human fallacy. The idea that through self-awareness you can avoid these missteps is honorable but it does not account for the reality that we all have human moments.
Franklin identified the virtues that he wanted to embody through research and reading other writers’ bodies of work that also endeavored to live a moral life. It was through this process that he was able to settle on “temperance,” “silence,” “order,” “resolution,” “frugality,” “industry,” “sincerity,” “justice,” “moderation,” “cleanliness,” “tranquility,” “chastity,” and “humility” as the virtues he would dedicate his life to trying to achieve. Franklin decided on these terms for the virtues after the carefu...

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...orgive yourself, you will ultimately become a stronger person. I believe that this quote has more weight to it that the entirety of the pages written by Franklin. The simplicity of Pope’s quote speaks to his inherent understanding of the fallacy of human nature; while Franklin thinks that simply by telling himself to live the ideal of thirteen virtues will make it happen. Through facing and overcoming adversity in your life as you, continue to grow and change as a person.
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