A Licensed Obstetrician Gynecologist ( Ob / Gyn )

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Malpractice, negligence, and injustice are words that hold great meaning in today’s healthcare system. More than likely, these are the words my mother wishes that she could have uttered during her time of inattentive care. My mother underwent countless rounds of chemotherapy when she was pregnant with me because of a very rare cancer called Burkett’s Lymphoma. This caused for her to birth me at only six months of gestation. The doctor told her that she would have to choose between my life and hers. Like any mother that loves her child, she chose to let me live because she felt as though she had lived her life. Why would a mother ever have to make this decision when preventive measures could have been taken? How is it that a licensed obstetrician-gynecologist (ob/gyn) can continue to practice medicine when they are not effectively taking care of their patients? Whether it’s one or one hundred, every patient deserves the best care from any healthcare professional! My mother’s ob/gyn discovered that my mother had the admonition of cancer when she was pregnant with my brother in 1990. No...

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