A Letter On My Office Essay

A Letter On My Office Essay

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Welcome to my office, it is very creative as you can see, but it is also calming. On your right, you have a chalkboard wall where you can leave a message, expression, to doodle for a minute or just to write a worry, and to your left a window. The back wall is stimulating with the zones of emotions, and it asks you outright, how are you feeling today? They go beyond normal emotional identifiers of happy, sad, mad, anxious or depressed, and into a deeper meaningful connection to moods and the emotions attached to those moods. So how are you feeling? Why are you feeling that way? What caused this chain reaction? You get it? Its all about our triggers, attitudes, and behaviours and how they place a big factor in our everyday lives. Welcome to my, Inside out, room.
You will not find a desk in my room, rather you will find the floor split into five different colors. Why you ask? Because not everyone I will work with is verbal, but rather visual. In the middle of my room you will find a green circle, this represents, good to go. The green signals that the individual has resolved whatever m...

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