A Letter From The American Embassy Essay

A Letter From The American Embassy Essay

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I am writing to you from the American embassy in Paris. It was brought to my attention from my supervisor that an American agent had acquired a letter from a high ranking official from within the British government. To summarize the letter, it stated a new thinking of the British political attitude towards our newly recognized country. It acknowledged that the old colonial scheme of British administration was over in America. Moreover, it examines that the emigration that has increased America’s population and economy as a cause from our “fertile land, industrious free and richness brought upon our industrious, we attributed from their economic structure”.

In addition, it attempts to discuss the expenses needed to uphold the American colonies. It described that the war of 1744, 1756 and the American War of Independence in 1775 as a costly expenditure; both in gold and blood for the sole purpose of settling the “wild North America”.

Equally important, is the British claim that the colonies of America only contributed to an increase of wealth from trading, fishing and farming. In their comparative view, the British government believes strongly that the lost of their colonies in America will lead to a consequential friendship. Accordingly, this friendship will allow them to reap a more advantageous position from our trade and domestic goods.

The individual who wrote this letter firmly believes that Britain has the ability to gain more commercial from friendship, than colonial control; outweighs the cost of maintaining a unruly colony. Additionally, this letter declared the East and West Indies as the greatest commercial regions that supported the British Empire. It declared that Newfoundland 's fishery must be perceived as a te...

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...he panegyric notions of the text, indirectly indicates a caution or fear of future wars in European, most particularly with France and its new government. Additionally, it suggests the British government seeks to continue uninterrupted trade within Caribbean to preserve its wealth and foreign policies. As it pertains to the President’s foreign policy, I must counsel the American government to recognize these terms as it will result in a favourable response from Great Britain, while avoiding the prospect of conflict. Likewise, recognition may open up trade for our country with the Caribbean region, and thereby solidifying our desires to be recognized as a commercially free-trading country.

In conclusion I hope that this memorandum will be useful in your decisions towards a positive political relation with Great Britain and the continuation of American sovereignty.

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