A Letter Complaint Against Discrimination Essay

A Letter Complaint Against Discrimination Essay

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Nyesha along with other began to call KFC # 800 complain Hot line at least once a month and complaint against Abu including Racial Harassment, Discrimination, favoritism and how Abu running the store. Those complains investigated by either HR Manager or Bin Mahtab or both of them. In every occasion those complains were found false and acted with Malice.
Besides those #800 complains Bin Mahtab used to receive complains. In response to complaints Bin Mahtab either come to the store or call me he received a complaint against me which always ended up yelling at me. Those were very harassing and disturbing situation.
In one occasion after an instigation Abu told HR Manager Lauren Hall that all of those complaint are found to be false after. It also proves that the complainers are harassing Abu because they don’t want Abu. Now, Abu is filling a formal complaint with you i. Bin Mahtab is discriminating against my Race , National Origin/Language and Age .He also created a harassing and hostile work place me. (i) By yelling and or being very loud in front of other employees.
(ii) Even after the major violation Bin Mahtab did not let Abu discipline them.
(ii) Jakeira Nyesha Laura And Carmen repeatedly harassing me Under the umbrella of Bin Mahtab.

Abu did realize that he had to work under a negative situation and Mahtab will eventually create racial and hostile work environments for him.

On December 13 2013 Jakeira Batiste brought a malicious charge of sexual harassment against Abu

On December13 2013, Jakarta Batiste brought a sexual harassment charge against Abu. Before Abu was made aware about the charge, Jakeira told Abu that she was sorry and that she made a mistake. According to her, April Gomez tricked her to file a sexual har...

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...tiff to severe or pervasive retaliatory harassment; and (4) there was a causal connection between the plaintiff 's protected activity and the adverse employment action. Barrett v. Whirlpool Corp., 556 F.3d 502, 516 (6th Cir.2009).
In the middle of December Shawn Baker and Bin Mahtab were investigating the sexual harassment complaint against Abu. After the investigation Abu told both Shawn and Bin Mahtab that as you discover today that Jakeira, April Gomez and Nyesha were harassing Abu and creating a hostile work environment because of his race and age. Abu wants that to be ended.

It simply requires that a plaintiff prove that the defendant 's proffered reason is pretextual.
Report Discrimination/

Pretextual Describe:
Abu was terminated on July 25th 2014 as it was mentioned in Original Complain Number “2

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