Essay about A Lesson Plan For Students

Essay about A Lesson Plan For Students

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This lesson plan is designed for students to learn in a creative way. This project will not only allow the students to learn how to work together as a team, but to allow them to gain knowledge to help them move forward in the course. During this project, the students will be able to construct the questions about the properties of each component provided. Later, the students will be able to respond with 80% accuracy. This lesson will allow them to enhance their thinking skills, which will help them identify similarities and differences. Resources will be available for the students to help them complete this project successfully. Learner diversity is a big deal with this lesson plan, and it is very important because it helps me understand that while each student learns differently there is a way to make each student feel comfortable with how they learn. Lower level learners will have a modified lesson helper that will help them to identify all of the liquids in the cups. These students will have modified total points that accommodate their needs. Teacher will help students generate questions about what they would like to know, before lesson begins.
I made some changes with my lesson plan so it can encourage me to reach out to my students better. It is important that I stay on the right track with the framework for the 21st century learning process. My lesson plan relies on this learning process. “A focus on creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration is essential to prepare students for the future” (P21, n.d., para.7). While this project and lesson is made for students to have fun with learning, it also has a way in teaching them life lessons. This is what education is all about...

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...e are all in this together and it will be a fun process and experiment. Active comprehension and Marzano’s strategies have been very helpful during this process. I believe this lesson allows the students to go the distance and it gives them some independence as they explore opportunities. “Today 's students need to develop thinking skills, content knowledge, and social and emotional competencies to navigate complex life and work environments” (P21, n.d., para.9). Them thinking through this lesson allows them to develop and solve problems correctly. During evaluation I plan to help my students the right way and continue to keep them on the right track. Participation is a big thing so I make sure to keep the lesson at a minimum so all students can participate especially in discussion. Participation will allow me to understand their ideas throughout the lesson.

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